Discover the Versatile Applications of 3-Nitrobenzaldehyde: A Powerful Chemical Compound

Introducing 3-Nitrobenzaldehyde, a premium chemical product manufactured and supplied by Shijiazhuang Pengnuo Technology Co., Ltd. As a leading manufacturer and supplier based in China, our factory is dedicated to producing high-quality and pure chemicals for various industries. 3-Nitrobenzaldehyde, also known as m-nitrobenzaldehyde, is a key component used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyes, and other fine chemicals. It is an organic compound with a molecular formula C7H5NO3 and a pale yellow crystalline appearance. With a melting point of 112-116°C, it offers excellent stability and solubility in organic solvents, making it highly versatile for different applications. At Shijiazhuang Pengnuo Technology Co., Ltd., we ensure strict quality control processes throughout the manufacturing and supply chain, guaranteeing the delivery of exceptional products. Our experienced team of professionals employs advanced technology and follows precise production methods to ensure the purity and consistency of 3-Nitrobenzaldehyde. As a trusted factory in the chemical industry, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering competitive prices, on-time delivery, and reliable technical support. Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, or dye manufacturing sector, our high-quality 3-Nitrobenzaldehyde is the perfect solution for your chemical needs. Contact Shijiazhuang Pengnuo Technology Co., Ltd. today and experience our commitment to excellence as a trusted manufacturer and supplier in China.

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