Redispersible Polymer Powder

Short Description:

  • Chemical Name:Ethene;ethenyl acetate
  • CAS No.:24937-78-8
  • Molecular Formula:(C2H4)x.(C4H6O2)y
  • Molecular Weight:114.14200
  • Hs Code.:3905290000
  • European Community (EC) Number:607-457-0
  • Wikipedia:Ethylene-vinyl_acetate
  • Mol file:24937-78-8.mol

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Synonyms:Cevilen;Cevilene;Elvax;Elvax 40P;Elvax-40;ethylene vinyl-acetate copolymer;ethylenevinylacetate copolymer;EVA 260;EVA-260;EVA260;poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate);polyethylene vinyl acetate;Sevilene

Chemical Property of Redispersible Polymer Powder

● Appearance/Colour:solid
● Vapor Pressure:0.714mmHg at 25°C
● Melting Point:99oC
● Boiling Point:170.6oC at 760mmHg
● Flash Point:260oC
● PSA26.30000
● Density:0.948 g/mL at 25oC
● LogP:1.49520

● Solubility.:toluene, THF, and MEK: soluble
● Hydrogen Bond Donor Count:0
● Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count:2
● Rotatable Bond Count:2
● Exact Mass:114.068079557
● Heavy Atom Count:8
● Complexity:65.9

Safty Information

● Pictogram(s):Xn
● Hazard Codes:Xn
● Statements:40
● Safety Statements:24/25-36/37


Chemical Classes:UVCB,Plastics & Rubber -> Polymers
Canonical SMILES:CC(=O)OC=C.C=C
DescriptionEthylene-vinyl acetate copolymer has good impact resistance and stress crack resistance, softness, high elasticity, puncture resistance and chemical stability, good electrical properties, good biocompatibility, and low density, and is compatible with fillers, flame retardants agents have good compatibility.It is mainly?used for plastic products.
Physical propertiesEthylene vinyl acetate is available as white waxy solids in pellet or powder form. Films are translucent.
Uses:Flexible tubing, color concentrates, gaskets and molded parts for autos, plastic lenses and pumps.

Detailed Introduction

Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is a versatile polymer material that is widely used in various industries. It is a free-flowing, white powder that can be easily redispersed in water to form a stable emulsion. Here are some common applications and benefits of redispersible polymer powders:
Construction Industry: RDP is extensively used in the construction industry as an additive in building materials such as tile adhesives, cement-based renders, self-leveling compounds, and cementitious waterproofing membranes. It enhances the properties of these materials, such as adhesion strength, flexibility, workability, and water resistance.
Wall Putty and Skim Coats: RDP is commonly used in manufacturing wall putties and skim coats. It helps improve the workability, crack resistance, and adhesion of these products, ensuring smooth and durable finishes on walls and ceilings.
Ceramic Tile Adhesives: RDP is an essential component in ceramic tile adhesives. It improves the bond strength between tiles and the substrate, enhances flexibility to accommodate thermal expansion, and provides water resistance.
Repair Mortars: RDP is used in repair mortars, including concrete patching and restoration materials. It helps enhance adhesion to the existing substrate, increases the durability and flexibility of the repair material, and improves resistance to cracking and shrinkage.
Thermal Insulation Systems: RDP is also used in thermal insulation systems, such as external insulation finishing systems (EIFS). It improves the adhesion strength of the insulation materials to the substrate, enhances the durability and weather resistance of the system, and provides crack resistance.

Benefits of using redispersible polymer powders include:
Improved Adhesion: RDP enhances the adhesion properties of various materials, ensuring better bonding to substrates and reducing the risk of delamination or failure.
Enhanced Flexibility: The incorporation of RDP in formulations improves flexibility, allowing the finished products to withstand movement and deformation without cracking.
Increased Workability: RDP improves the workability of materials such as tile adhesives and wall putties, making them easier to mix, apply, and spread.
Water Resistance: The presence of RDP in formulations improves water resistance, reducing the permeability of materials and enhancing their durability in wet or humid environments.
Improved Mechanical Properties: RDP enhances the strength, toughness, and impact resistance of various materials, improving their overall performance and lifespan.
When using redispersible polymer powders, it is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and use the appropriate dosage to achieve the desired results. Storage conditions should also be considered to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the powder.

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